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The Answers You Need

Can I keep thermometer inside the Ham Maker during the cooking process ?

This thermometer is not intend to keep it for extend period of time inside the Ham Maker during cooking. Thermometer can become hot from steam, also it can get foggy, so it will be hard to read temperature.  The best way is to check internal meat temperature after 1,5 h of cooking, as well as check occasionally until meat is ready. Thermometer also needs to be used to check water temperature outside the ham maker to keep water temperature consistent.

What are the dimensions of the Ham Maker ?

Ham maker with cover is 7 and 7/8 inch (19,5 cm) tall.  
Ham maker without a cover is 6 5/8 inch ( 17 cm) tall. 
Diameter inside the ham maker is 4 inch (10 cm).  
Capacity: 1.5 L. It can hold approx. 2 lb (1 kg) of meat. 
Box size is 4 and 6/8 inch x 4 and 6/8 inch x 8 inch (12 cm x 12 cm x 20 cm)

Could this be baked instead of boiled? does it need to be upright, or can it be on its side?

Madax Ham Maker is designed to be used as described in instruction, vertically in a pot filled with water. In this position meat stays in its own juice bringing more flavor to your ham. We do not recommend using Ham Maker in the oven.

Can I use it Instant Pot?

To answer your question we reached Instant Pot customer service. We think that it depends on their device. 
The answer we got from Instant Pot is: "If you would like to use Ham Maker in Instant Pot you can use it in a warm bath using the KEEP WARM function and ensuring the lid is OFF, please place the metal trivet on the bottom of the pot as to ensure not scratching the inner pot. You can also adjust the temperature on the SAUTE feature to prepare ( also without the lid). 
Once the Ham is cured/prepared it would be suitable for heating in the Instant Pot. We would not recommend using the Ham Maker inside the Instant pot WITH THE LID ON"

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